Spring 2020 Seasonal Box

  • Spring 2020 Seasonal Box
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To assist with Spring and COVID-19 on everyone's doorstep, we've packed this season's box full of nature's best and most potent holistic and homeopathic remedies and preventatives to keep you in tip-top shape.

What's Included
From France
Boiron, world leader in homeopathic medicines, stimulating the evolution of health care by promoting homeopathy as a compassionate, ecological and comprehensive approach to medicine.

Sinusalia: Works naturally with your body to temporarily relieve nasal congestion‚ sinus pain and headache due to the common cold or allergies by temporarily relieving nasal congestion‚ sinus pain and headache due to the common cold or allergies. This non-drowsy formula has no drug interactions!

Rhin Allergy: Allergic rhinitis is triggered by breathing in tiny particles of allergens. The most common airborne allergens that cause rhinitis are dust mites, pollen and spores, and animal skin, urine and saliva. Boiron’s formula helps alleviate hay fever or other upper respiratory allergies: itchy and watery eyes‚ sneezing‚ runny nose‚ and itchy throat and nose.
From Switzerland
The range of A.Vogel herbal remedies is made up of a wide palette of fresh plant products and covers all areas of a naturally healthy lifestyle.

Pollinosan: Allergy symptoms are no match for this homeopathic medicine (used for the treatment of sneezing, itchy nose, burning eyes). After using A.Vogel's Pollinosan, 5% of patients reported an improvement in their allergy symptoms to grass or tree pollen, as well as allergies to dust, animals and pets.
From Sri-Lanka
Tipson Detox Tea: Natural coriander seed, peppermint, lemongrass, juniper berry, ginger, turmeric, cardamom, and black pepper help your body usher in the new season. Not only may the active ingredients prevent accumulation of toxic components in the body, but studies have shown the combination of these natural ingredients may cleanse the liver and purify the blood, boosting metabolism and energy levels significantly. In addition, juniper berry, turmeric, and black pepper may prevent the formation of free radicals in the body, due to the antioxidant activities. These benefits make Tipson Detox Tea an excellent addition to a new Spring routine.
From Russia
Optimal PH soil levels create different healing and medicinal properties. This imported Russian Honey allows your body to build up immunity quicker, stronger, and more effectively. Not to mention it tastes so much more potent!

Honey Comb: Raw honey and beeswax are the two main components of honeycomb. Raw honey is rich in enzymes and antioxidants, while beeswax contains long-chain fatty acids and alcohols — all of which are optimal for transitioning into Spring, the natural way!
Why We Chose These

Though allergy treatments won't "cure" your allergies, they can significantly reduce your allergy symptoms. Key treatments include antihistamines and decongestants. Antihistamines treat the runny nose and itching eyes and nose, while decongestants reduce the stuffiness. Different allergy products help contain reactions to various culprits. Tackle your day and let our Spring wellness box tackle your allergies.